Fiji Island Message from Our Executive Director Rob Caudill

Chapter and Colony Officers:

Many of our chapters will hold FIJI Island and similar events in the coming months. While these can be fun events, they also careful planning and attention to proper risk management measures.

Whether your event is held on or off of chapter property, the Fraternity requires that all chapters and colonies comply with these guidelines for all chapter events:

  • There is to be absolutely no construction or use of water features (pools, ponds, slip ‘n slides, waterfalls, etc.), towers, platforms, slides, swings or anything similar.

The risk associated with pools and other water features is more than a remote possibility. There are a number of cases of injuries in pools or other water features created by chapters. Most recently, in two cases in 2009 and 2010, there were serious injuries to people jumping or diving into pools constructed by chapters. Both cases resulted in multi-million dollar settlements.

Injuries have also occurred in the past from platforms and towers which have collapsed. That is why these are prohibited.

  • All events must comply with the Risk Management Policy and event planning guidelines. The chapter, or brothers on behalf of the chapter, cannot purchase or pool funds to purchase alcohol.

All events with alcohol must utilize a Third Party Vendor or follow BYOB Guidelines, must use a predetermined guest list, and cannot allow underage drinking or drinking games. Campus and/or IFC guidelines must also be followed.

  • There is to be no 'painting up' or use of the Fiji Man caricature.

The Fraternity’s policy on these activities is over 30 years old. This includes using black or purple paint to cover the face or body. These do not present a favorable image of Phi Gamma Delta and are offensive.

  • Follow transportation guidelines.

Use a professional transportation company (buses, taxis, etc.) for transportation to and from your event. We do not recommend using brothers or pledges’ personal vehicles or rented vehicles operated by members. Brothers and guests should not drive if intoxicated!

  • Follow maximum of three guests per member.

The number of number of guests in attendance at any event where alcohol is present shall be limited to a maximum of three (3) guests per member. A guest is defined as a person who is not a member of the host chapter. 

What are the consequences for noncompliance? 

Brothers or guests may be injured. Chapters face disciplinary action by the Fraternity and institution. Individuals face suspension or expulsion from the university. All involved open themselves to lawsuits. 

Chapters which violate the Risk Management Policy or laws of the Fraternity can lose coverage under our liability insurance policy. This has happened.

While this message is intended to aid you in planning Fiji Island events, these guidelines apply for all events, whether held on or off chapter property. These guidelines are in place to protect your members and your guests. Be sure that you are familiar with our Risk Management Policy and Fiji Island Guidelines.

Additional resources are available on the Risk Management Page of the Fraternity's website, or by contacting Todd Rotgers, Senior Director of Undergraduate Services. 


Rob Caudill
Executive Director