Chapter President's Risk Management Agreement

After completing the Risk Management online modules, you will be given access to complete this agreement and submit electronically. Contact the Senior Director of Undergraduate Services with any questions..

As the duly elected President of my chapter, I have read and understand Phi Gamma Delta’s Risk Management Policy and will communicate the purpose of and need for this policy to my chapter.

  • I understand that, among other provisions named in the policy, alcohol may not be purchased or provided by the chapter in any way, that its use must comply with either 3rd Party Vendor or BYOB Guidelines and that it is prohibited at any new member or recruitment event.
  • I understand that the construction or use of water features, towers, rope bridges and slides is strictly prohibited whether on chapter property or elsewhere.
  • I understand that the sale, use, possession or manufacture of illegal drugs, narcotics or other substances controlled by state and/or federal law within the chapter house or at any chapter event is prohibited. I confirm that the Chapter Bylaws contain this prohibition and penalties for such as described in Section 25.2 of the Bylaws of the Fraternity.
  • I have read and understand the Fraternity’s laws concerning hazing, specifically Section 19.35 and 25.11 of the Bylaws of the Fraternity. I understand that hazing may include but is not limited to any actions or events which provide or force the consumption of alcohol, require or suggest acts of servitude, or involve physical exhaustion, abuse or would in any way interfere with the person’s mental or physical ability to perform college work efficiently. I confirm that my chapter adheres to all Phi Gamma Delta laws regarding hazing.

As Chapter President, I understand that I can be held legally responsible for my chapter’s actions, particularly as they pertain to risk management, drugs, and hazing. In accepting this responsibility, I will make my best effort to educate my chapter’s members concerning these issues and to require compliance. 

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