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The Fraternity has a partnership with ChapterBuilder, a CRM software that is an all-in-one resource for names lists and recruitment communication. It will bring structure and organization to your chapter’s recruitment process. 

ChapterBuilder allows the chapter to better manage and improve relationships, which is the main reason potential members join fraternities. The tool helps chapters stay organized and prevents them from missing out on a potential member during the recruitment process, who could be the next leader of the chapter. 

The headquarters staff highly recommends your chapter/provisional chapter transitions to ChapterBuilder as your recruitment platform. 

Why Should My Chapter Use ChapterBuilder?

Here are some features and capabilities the platform allows recruitment chairmen to utilize once an account is created: 

  1. Bulk Uploader - import and export all spreadsheets to your dashboard to see everyone more easily.
  2. Process Grading Scale (A-D) - use this scale to move brothers through your system as they progress through the process (D = needs to be contacted; A+ = bid signed).
  3. Create phone numbers unique to your chapter to contact potential new members and see conversations your committee has had with those potential new members.
  4. Create tasks and to-do’s that your whole committee can see.
  5. Create forms for referrals to add to your website, social media, etc.
  6. Track recruitment insights and statistics to understand your recruitment process better.
  7. Easy transition process for future recruitment chairmen/committee members. 
"ChapterBuilder was crucial in my chapter's success by doubling our brotherhood in just two semesters of recruiting. This tool transformed our list of potential new members from a chaotic mess of students into a clear, informative database that gave us a tiny story into every man listed." - Justin Koetas (Rutgers 2020), Chapter President

How Much Does it Cost?

The platform was designed to make the undergraduate recruitment process run more efficiently and effectively and is now offered at no cost to our chapters/colonies.


If you have more questions about using chapter builder and getting your chapter signed up, please contact your Field Secretary or the Director of Fraternity Growth.

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