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What Is ChapterBuilder?

At its most basic level, ChapterBuilder is a way to manage and track potential new members through your chapter's recruitment system. Through a D to A "grading scale," you can track potential members from first meeting to signing a bid. The tool also gives multiple options to help gather more names to grow your names list and take notes on potential members. This way, any brother can see who is going through our recruitment process and learn about who is interested in joining our organization. There are also multiple features to text and email, including the option to text potential members individually or in bulk. 

ChapterBuilder allows the chapter to better manage and improve relationships, which is the main reason potential members join our organization. The tool helps us stay organized and prevents us from missing out on a potential member during the recruitment process who could be the next leader of the chapter. 

 Why Should My Chapter Use it?

Spreadsheets, that are only accessible by a few brothers, aren't helping us develop a recruitment system for all brothers to participate in. ChapterBuilder allows all brothers to know who is going through recruitment and learn about them. It also makes it easier to grow your names list and communicate with potential members through personalized mass texts and emails. That means hours of work, turned into a couple of minutes! 

ChapterBuilder has also been proven to help chapters get new member classes up to 5% larger when used to its fullest potential.

"ChapterBuilder was crucial in my chapter's success by doubling our brotherhood in just two semesters of recruiting. This tool transformed our list of potential new members from a chaotic mess of students into a clear, informative database that gave us a tiny story into every man listed." - Justin Koetas (Rutgers 2020), Chapter President

 How Much Does it Cost?

A standard ChapterBuilder account is $500. However, the International Headquarters of Phi Gamma Delta will sponsor accounts for chapters which sign our Chapter Usage Agreement. If a chapter utilizes the IHQ sponsored account, the chapter will only pay $100, and IHQ will take care of the rest. 

 How Would We Implement it?

ChapterBuilder makes it easy to switch. Take your current spreadsheet and use the bulk upload feature to import all current/existing potential members onto the site. You can then add brothers onto the "Team" for them to all have access and see the potential members list. It is also recommended to add key graduate advisors so they can help coach you too.

From there, you can set up a phone number for the account, so you are able to text potential members and communicate with them directly from the site.

It's as simple as that! 

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Interested in obtaining one of the IHQ sponsored accounts? Check out the Chapter Usage Agreement below!

Chapter Usage Agreement

Contact the Director of Chapter Services if you have any questions on ChapterBuilder or sponsored accounts!