Academic Achievement Award

The Foundation's Triple A is a $250 scholarship available to newly initiated members of Phi Gamma Delta who earn a 3.2 GPA during their pledging semester.

During these times of interruptions caused by COVID-19, the following will apply for the September 2020 cycle of the Triple A scholarship.

1. To qualify for the scholarship, you will still need to prove a GPA of 3.2 or higher and 12 credit hours.
2. If you do not meet the GPA and credit hour requirements due to Pass/Fail grading and are unable to choose a numeric grade, we will allow use of your Fall 2019 semester GPA and credit hours to meet this requirement. You may be asked to provide a copy of your institution’s policy about Pass/Fail grading.
3. Applicants must still be a fully initiated member of a Phi Gamma Delta chapter or colony.

Individual Requirements  

  • Applicant must be an initiated member of a Phi Gamma Delta chapter or colony.  
  • The GPA to qualify for Triple A is 3.2 on a 4.0 GPA scale during his pledging semester (see grade verification below). 
  • Applicant must complete a minimum 12 credit hours for the semester.  
  • Applicant must complete the online application for the Foundation's the Academic Achievement Awards.   

Chapter Requirements

  • Chapter must have properly pledged and initiated the applicant.  
  • Chapter must have turned in all pledge and initiation forms and fees to the International Fraternity.  

Grade Verification

While completing the online application, the applicant will need to attach and upload his official grade transcript from the school, which contains the applicant's name, hours and GPA of the semester/quarter in which he pledged clearly printed on transcript. Any member accepting the Academic Achievement Award agrees to also accept emails and/or electronic communication from the Fraternity and Foundation while they are undergraduate members.

Deadline for Submitting

Any Triple A applicant has six months after his initiation date to submit his Triple A application. After six months has lapsed, the Triple A applicant forfeits the scholarship.

Online Application

To receive your scholarship, your application will need to be submitted online using the Foundation’s application process:

Submit by:
Paid by:

September 30 
December 30 
March 15
June 15 

October 15 
January 15
March 30
June 30

To access the application, you MUST log-in to the Phi Gamma Delta website.

After you log-in, please take note of your Constituent ID # (for chapters only) or System ID # (for colonies only) on the My Account page: you will need the # for the application. You will also need to provide your financial institution’s routing # and account # (these numbers are printed on your checks), because your scholarship will be directly deposited into your checking or saving account.

Once you log-in to the application, you will download Smarter Select software. Then you will be asked for your "Organization Name." Please enter your School Name, not your chapter name (e.g. Penn State).

Please select an application below

The application is completed via outside software, Smarter Select.

Triple A Application (U.S.)   

Triple A Application (Canadian)