The Persistence Club

What Is the Persistence Club?

The Persistence Club is the Foundation's recurring gift club that encourages brothers and friends of Phi Gamma Delta to easily become a recurring donor. You can still make a large impact by spreading your yearly gift throughout a monthly or quarterly schedule.

How Do I Join?

Complete the form below to set up a recurring gift to the Educational Foundation Annual Fund. You have the option to create a monthly or quarterly gift. You will also be prompted to select a time for the transaction to occur: midmonth or month-end.

Here is what some of our most popular donation amounts look like monthly:

  • $100 = $8.34/month
  • S250 = $20.84/month
  • $500 = $41.67/month (Pergé Society - Fairbanks)
  • $1,000 = $83.34/month (Pergé Society - Wallace)

What Are the Annual Fund Donations Used for?

Gifts to the Educational Foundation's Annual Fund are tax-deductible and fund the educational programs offered to our members. This includes mental health programming, sexual assault prevention training, hazing prevention,  leadership training and alcohol education, in addition to the Foundation’s operations.

Learn about our programs

Annual Fund - Unrestricted Gift

Your tax-deductible gift to the Foundation will be used to fund programming and personnel cost associated with the Fraternity’s: 

  • Alcohol misuse and abuse education for brothers
  • Building Courageous Leadership programs including the Leadership Institute and chapter leadership programs
  • Mental health, hazing abuse and wellness programs
  • Philanthropic activities of our members
  • Nearly 1,000 Triple A scholarships to pledges who earn a minimum 3.2 GPA
  • And, the Foundation’s general operations

Your gift makes a timely impact upon our brothers!

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