Overview & Timeline

The Fraternity seeks out expansion opportunities across North America and will expand at an institution if we are confident that we can become a leading organization on campus in the areas of scholarship, community service, and campus involvement. Phi Gamma Delta has determined three keys to the success of any expansion process that must be in place to consider an institution for expansion: 

  • Overall academic reputation of the university
  • Strong local graduate and volunteer support
  • Healthy and supportive Greek community

Whether you are a campus administrator, campus leader, or potential recruit interested in starting a fraternity on your campus, we invite you to explore Phi Gamma Delta and its expansion plans and policies to determine if it is the right fit for your campus or your future. If you have any questions or comments, contact us at phigam@phigam.org or 859-255-1848.

Campus Recommendations

Phi Gamma Delta conducts a recommendation-based expansion program. Quality men are not identified or attracted by gimmicks. We believe that the faculty, staff, campus leaders, students, and local graduate brothers can best help us identify men who meet our high standards.

We conduct meetings and presentations with all of the groups listed above and ask them to recommend men whom they feel exemplify the qualities of the “Fiji Gentleman,” devoting their college lives to friendship, scholarship, leadership, and service to the community.

Expansion Staff

The fraternity employs two full-time brothers to oversee all phases of the Fraternity's expansion process. Aside from managing relations with new host institutions, the Director of Fraternity and Director of Chapter Services - East/West are responsible for: 

  • Coordinating the recruitment of colony pledges during the colonization process
  • Coordinating the recruitment of graduate brothers to support the colonies
  • Prospecting for new expansion opportunities

Phi Gamma Delta also devotes a minimum of two International Headquarters staff members to each expansion effort. Trained specifically on successful expansion techniques, these two men typically spend seven weeks on campus conducting the colonization effort.

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Expansion Timeline

 Week 1: Campus Orientation & Public Relations

  • Individual meetings with a wide variety of university community members
  • Presentations to Greek councils, other chapters, and campus organizations
  • Gather recommendations and begin initial contact with prospects 

 Weeks 2-3: Informational Meetings & Recruitment Interviews

  • Informational meetings for interested students
  • Interview prospects
  • Attend council meetings
  • Group recruitment events

 Weeks 4-5: Recruitment Interviews & Membership Selection

  • Recruitment interviews continue
  • Continue group recruitment events
  • Extend invitations to join Phi Gamma Delta
  • Founding Fathers of colony formally pledged

 Week 6: Membership Development & Long-Range Goal Setting

  • Goal setting, team building retreat for all new colony members
  • Ken Blanchard Leadership facilitated to all members and interested IFC men
  • ASAP risk management and Social Strengths sexual assault prevention training for all members and interested IFC men
  • First colony meeting and pledge education begins (taught by a graduate brother)

 Week 7: Leadership Position Elections & Training

  • Elections for 5 officer positions and slating for remaining committee chairmen
  • Orientation and training for officers and committee chairmen
  • Graduate advisor and mentor introductions for all leaders
  • Evening with the Fijis Campus Reception
  • Second colony meeting and pledge education (taught by a graduate brother)