Phi Gamma Delta at a Glance


May 1, 1848, at Jefferson College in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania


Fiji or Phi Gam

Mission, Vision & Values


Phi Gamma Delta unites men in enduring friendships, stimulates the pursuit of knowledge, and builds courageous leaders who serve the world with the best that is in them.


To be an active, vital force of men who courageously live our values and make a positive impact on college and community.


 Friendship  |   Knowledge  |   Service
 Morality  |   Excellence

Membership in the U.S. & Canada


  • 203,000+ brothers initiated since 1848
  • 9,500+ undergraduate members
  • 141,000+ living brothers

Chapters/Provisional Chapters

  • 136 Chapters
  • 6 Provisional Chapters
  • ~40 Graduate Chapters

Parents Info


Recruitment is the lifeblood of the Fraternity. Without it, none of us would have been lead to make such a significant decision that would impact our lives. Part of the mission of Phi Gamma Delta is to bring into our chapters and colonies more men who fit our ideals and values, to perpetuate the good name of Phi Gamma Delta all across North America. 

For more information about our recruitment or our legacy policy, please visit our Recruitment page.

 The New Member Experience

The new member experience in Phi Gamma Delta should be positive and productive. Each chapter’s new member program should emphasize a sound academic grounding and the development of friendships among all new members and initiated members.

For more information, read the New Member’s Bill of Rights.

 Financial Commitment

New Member Fee (one-time fee): $70, due at time of pledging

Initiation Fee (one-time fee): $252.50, due at time of initiation

Cost includes the fraternity badge, membership certificate, opportunities for educational scholarships and grants, and membership dues for the first year. In the case of a colony, this fee is not due until the colony is chartered as a full-fledge chapter, usually after a 12-18 month colony period.

Chapter/Provisional Chapter Dues: $70-90 per month (amount varies)

These dues are decided by the Chapter/Provisional Chapter and used to cover all major operating expenses, such as recruitment events, supplies, publications, graduate events, etc.

 No Hazing Policy

Phi Gamma Delta has embarked on a comprehensive plan to prevent and eliminate hazing. Hazing is contrary to our mission and values, and it has no place in Phi Gamma Delta! If you are interested in the elimination and prevention of hazing, we invite you to Join the Fight Against Hazing! Visit for more information about our Hazing Prevention Plan or to learn how you can Join the Fight.

If you ever have any concern about your son’s pledging experience, you are urged to contact Executive Director Rob Caudill or phone him at (859) 255-1848 ext. 131.


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Building Courageous Leaders

 Origin & Purpose

“Courage is not simply one of the virtues, but the form of every virtue at the testing point.” – C. S. Lewis

What is Building Courageous Leaders?

We are compelled by the above quote from author C. S. Lewis. In Phi Gamma Delta we talk frequently about our values of friendship, knowledge, service, morality and excellence. But it is one thing to talk about values and another altogether to act on those values when they are tested. It is true in life and in fraternity that so many problems could be averted if someone – whether a formal leader or a bystander – had the courage to assert his values, or the group’s espoused values, at the testing point.

Each of us is certain to confront many testing points in our lives. Some will be minor decisions, while others will have a profound impact on us and on others. Likewise, chapter leaders will face many testing points that will impact the future of their chapter, their brothers, and sometimes the Fraternity at large.

Building Courageous Leaders means that our brothers will understand and embrace the values of Phi Gamma Delta; will recognize when those values are being challenged and understand the implications of a particular choice; and at that testing point, will know how to confront and lead others in an ethical, productive way.

How can Phi Gamma Delta develop & support courageous leaders?

We have identified three elements of courageous leadership:

  1. Understanding and committing to our values
  2. Recognizing the testing points - times when our values are challenged
  3. Applying our values at the testing point and confronting the issue

These concepts will be built into many of the Fraternity’s existing programs, including the Fiji AcademyTaking the Lead programming, Risk management educationAlcohol educationHazing preventionSexual misconduct prevention and Chapter discipline. As appropriate and needed, they will form the basis of new programs.

 The Leadership Institute

The Leadership Institute is an exciting new program that supports the initiative to Build Courageous Leaders. This five-day experience is designed to help brothers become values-based, courageous leaders. The inaugural Institute was conducted in June 2016 with 80 undergraduates in attendance. Beginning in the summer of 2017, the Institute is available to one brother from each chapter (160+) every year.

Brothers who attend the Institute will return to their chapters prepared to educate their chapter brothers on what it means to Lead with Courage. The Leadership Institute will be provided at no cost to the attendees, thanks to the generous support of the Phi Gamma Delta Educational Foundation.

Building Courageous Leaders is good for our brothers and good for our chapters. If brothers learn to Lead with Courage, they will be better prepared for many of the difficult decisions they will face in their lives. It is one of the most valuable lessons Phi Gamma Delta can teach them and will secure their role in the upward march of humanity.


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Joining a Fraternity

Research on membership in Greek organizations reveals many positive outcomes:

  • Higher graduation rate
  • Greater campus involvement and engagement
  • A more positive view of the college experience
  • Greater financial support to alma mater
  • Greater personal development

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Volunteer As a Facilitator

Phi Gamma Delta utilizes volunteer facilitators to assist in the delivery of its educational programs. These include The Leadership Institite, Alcohol Skills Training Program (ASTP) and Social Strengths Workshop. Facilitators must apply and be selected. Training is provided and travel reimbursement is available. If you have questions or want additional information, contact Todd Rotgers, Assistant Executive Director.

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