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Graduate Chapters

A graduate chapter is a network of Phi Gamma Delta graduate brothers who live in a certain city or area of the country. Graduate chapters provide opportunities for philanthropic and community activities, business and networking opportunities and fun social gatherings. Graduate brothers from all chapters and ages are encouraged to join. 

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Graduate Chapter Leaders, check out the newly developed Graduate Chapter Support Plan.

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Graduate Chapter leaders are encouraged to join the Graduate Chapter Leaders Facebook Group to connect with others and exchange ideas.

 History of Graduate Chapters

Since 1880, graduate chapters have been a vital part of Phi Gamma Delta's existence. Today, due to the growth of the Fraternity, there are over 60 graduate chapters across the US and Canada.

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 Why Join a Graduate Chapter?

From networking and professional opportunities to social events and Pig Dinners, there are plenty of reasons to stay connected to the Fraternity as a member of a graduate chapter.

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 Starting a Graduate Chapter

With brothers in every major city in the US and Canada, there are plenty of opportunities to connect with Phi Gams that live in your geographic area. The Graduate Chapter Directory can help you locate existing graduate chapters; but if there isn't one near you, starting one is simple.

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 Leadership & Organization

Like most organizations, graduate chapters have an organizational structure that includes elected or appointed leadership positions.

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 Recruiting New Members

Much like an undergraduate chapter, the success of a graduate chapter depends on its ability to recruit and retain members.

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 What Does a Graduate Chapter Do?

While every graduate chapter will be different, their basic mission is the same: to provide opportunities for graduate brothers to connect with one another and with the Fraternity at-large.

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 Communicating With Members

Between work schedules, family life and other commitments, communicating with the brothers in your graduate chapter can be a daunting task.

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 The Brightman Award for Graduate Chapters

Brightman Awards are presented annually to the graduate chapters which best demonstrate that Phi Gamma Delta is not for college days alone by maintaining and improving the Fraternal bonds of the graduate brothers living in its community.

The Brightman Award recognizes the overall outstanding graduate chapter in two categories - those chapters having 75 or more members and those Chapters having fewer than 75 members on its roster. Graduate chapters are also recognized in each of the following categories: Recruitment & Outreach, Programming, Undergraduate Support, Community Outreach & Involvement and New Chapter of the Year. 

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Click here to apply for Brightman Awards for Graduate Chapters and download a blank reference application here

 How IHQ Can Help

The International Headquarters staff is always available to help our chapters, undergraduate and graduate alike, succeed and grow.

Click here for a description of the services provided to graduate chapters by Headquarters staff.


Graduate Dues

Thank you for choosing to support the Fraternity with your graduate dues, and a special thanks to our 2019 Graduate Dues Donors!

In 2006, Phi Gamma Delta revived its voluntary graduate dues program after a 20-year cessation. Nearly 7,000 brothers paid dues in 2015 and thus provided significant unrestricted income to the Fraternity to supplement the dues and fees paid by undergraduate brothers.

Graduate dues support a number of Fraternity programs -- the cost of which cannot and should not be absorbed by our undergraduate members and chapters, including:

  • Publication of The Phi Gamma Delta magazine (dues paying brothers automatically receive the spring and fall editions of the magazine)
  • Improvement of graduate resources such as graduate chapters
  • Expansion to new campuses and re-establishment of inactive chapters
  • Pig Dinners and reunions
  • Fiji Academy leadership training
  • International graduate brother database and maintenance

What if you choose not to pay graduate dues? You do not lose any benefit of membership. And, you may continue to receive the fall issue of the The Phi Gamma Delta magazine in print. If you wish to receive the spring issue as well, you may request it by sending an email to or by calling (859) 255-1848.

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Please note: This gift is not tax-deductible. Alternately, you can make a tax-deductible gift to support the Educational Foundation.