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Why volunteer? Because volunteers make the difference. As an advisor to an undergraduate chapter, you will put yourself in a position to have a tremendous impact on the lives of some good young men.

Imagine your chapter, or any Phi Gamma Delta chapter, without a strong network of graduate support. Some chapters can get by, but many cannot without the continuity, leadership and guidance provided by our graduate adviors and House Corporation members. 

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Volunteer As a Facilitator

Phi Gamma Delta utilizes volunteer facilitators to assist in the delivery of its educational programs. These include The Leadership Institute, Alcohol Skills Training Program (ASTP) and Social Strengths Workshop. Facilitators must apply and be selected. Training is provided and travel reimbursement is available. If you have questions or want additional information, contact Todd Rotgers, Senior Director of Undergraduate Services.

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Understanding Sexual Misconduct on Campus: Essential Concepts for VolunteersWebinarr

There are a wide range of questions, conversations, and opinions regarding sexual misconduct on campus. Many are aware that, now more than ever, certain issues are hot topics in higher education, and the implications for our collegiate members and chapters can be profound. As a graduate advisor, you play an important role for Phi Gamma Delta and in the lives of young men in your chapter. Having a greater understanding of this issue will better equip you to optimize your impact.

Thank you for the brothers who participated in the Understanding Sexual Misconduct on Campus: Essential Concepts for VolunteersWebinarr, held on November 11, 2015, with Fraternity staff and Aaron Boe. Aaron is a leading consultant in the fraternity community - and the developer of our Social Strengths Workshop - which addresses harm prevention through a positive approach of men’s development.

For those that were not able to join live, a recording of the webinar is available for playback below. If you have questions, please contact Rob Caudill, Senior Director of Graduate Development & Operations. 


Find additional resources at Chapter Operations Manuals.

Graduate Advisor Mental Health Resources

The Fraternity has partnered with the Human Power Project to provide the Behind Happy Faces Advisor Resource Series. Each of these five 5-minute workshops focuses on how to approach a brother and tips on how to respond in different situations an advisor might face.

You may access any of the available workshops below. Though not required, it is suggested that you work through them sequentially. Please complete the Pre-Course Survey prior to starting the first workshop, and complete the Post-Course Survey when you have finished workshop five. 
For best viewing, we suggest using your desktop and Chrome or Firefox browsers . Courses may not load correctly using Internet Explorer and interactivity may be limited on a mobile device. 

 Behind Happy Faces Advisor Resource Series

Pre-Course Survey: Please take this survey prior to starting the first workshop. 

Workshop 1: Face the Facts: Mental Health Overview 

Workshop 2: Face Forward: Creating Effective Coping  

Workshop 3: Face Reality: Mental Distress Warning Signs & How to Help

Workshop 4: Face the Mirror: Self-Care for Advisors

Workshop 5: Face the Facts: Handling Crisis Situations

Post-Course Survey: Please take this survey upon completion of the final workshop.  


Graduate Advisor Video Series

The Fraternity offers its Graduate Advisor Video Series as an additional training resource for our Purple Legionnaires and BCA members. These short videos supplement our existing resources and give additional information on key topics. 

Current Graduate Advisor Videos are available below. Note that you must be logged into the Fraternity's website to view these videos. If you do not have a login you may register (note it will take up to 1 business day before you have full access to the site). 

Contact Rob Caudill, Senior Director of Graduate Development & Operations, for questions or for additional information.

 Current Videos

Purple Legionnaire Orientation 1 - Understanding My Role: It is important for a new Purple Legionnaire to get started off right. The first of two Orientation courses will identify key components of a Purple Legionnaire's role, how it fits within Phi Gamma Delta and important relationships you can utilize. Note that this video contains two parts.

Purple Legionnaire Orientation 2 - The First Six Months: The second of two Orientation courses will help the new Purple Legionnaire identify the key tasks and activities he should engage in during his first six months in the role.

Promoting Positive Pledge Education - The graduate advisor has a great opportunity to promote a positive and productive pledge education program with his chapter. This course will discuss how the PL or BCA member can assist in giving our newest members the best start possible.

Risk Management 101 - Policy Education: All brothers who work with undergraduate chapters can use this course to learn and understand the Fraternity's Risk Management Policy.

Risk Management 201- Advising on Risk Management: This course will discuss the role the Purple Legionnaire or member of the Board of Chapter Advisors in advising the undergraduate chapter on the Risk Management Policy as well as some basic information related to the Fraternity's liability insurance coverage.

Hazing Prevention - This course will give Purple Legionnaires and BCA members the tools and resources needed to confront hazing and discuss their role in the Fraternity's effort to combat hazing.