Graduate Leadership Opportunities


Because volunteers make the difference. Think of organizations that focus on the development of young men: Little League, Boy Scouts, and others. These organizations depend on the involvement of volunteers to be the example for these young men. Now imagine your chapter, or any Phi Gamma Delta chapter, without that network of graduate support. Some chapters can get by, but many cannot without the advice of graduate volunteers. The Fraternity depends on graduate volunteers to accomplish its mission, teaching brothers such lessons as organization, teamwork, discipline, and respect for others, lessons which are important in the development of our future citizens.


The most common graduate roles for assisting undergraduate chapters are:

  • Purple Legionnaire
    The primary chapter advisor, someone who knows the undergraduate brothers, works with and advises the chapter officers, and serves as a first line of support for the chapter.
  • Board of Chapter Advisors
    A group of brothers who assist the Purple Legionnaire by advising on specific areas of chapter management.
  • House Corporations
    The group of brothers, organized as a non-profit corporation, which sees to the housing needs of the chapter through ownership or leasing of a house or lodge.

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