172nd Virtual Ekklesia

Phi Gamma Delta's biennial convention, the Ekklesia, is held in the summer of even-numbered years. In this governing body, each undergraduate chapter has up to three voting delegates, and each graduate chapter may have one voting delegate. The primary business of the Ekklesia is to elect new Archons (board of directors), approve the budget for the ensuing biennium and amend the Bylaws and Constitution. This year’s Ekklesia will be held virtually.

The business session of the 172nd Ekklesia will be held Saturday, August 8 starting at 12pm eastern (start time is tentative and subject to change). Prior to the business session, the various committees of the Ekklesia will meet throughout the summer. 


Every undergraduate chapter is allowed up to three voting delegates, and every graduate chapter is allowed one voting delegate. All attendees for the virtual Ekklesia must be initiated. There are three different registration deadlines: 

  • Ekklesia Committee Consideration: July 13
  • Undergraduate or Graduate Chapter Voting Delegate: July 24
  • Undergraduate or Graduate Attendee (non-voting attendee): August 3

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Important Communication Information


When you register for the virtual Ekklesia, it is important that you register with an email address that you check regularly. We will be utilizing that email address to send the secure information on how to access the business session and how to access the personalized voting login credentials for the voting platform. 

Cell Phone Number:

We strongly encourage you to opt-in to receiving text messages for Ekklesia. The Fraternity plans to send out key reminders leading up to the event and during the event. This will help us communicate with attendees and voting delegates in a simple and quick way. The Fraternity only intends to use the text message service for this Ekklesia. 

172nd Ekklesia Committees

Ekklesia Committees play an integral role in conducting the business of the Fraternity. All registered Ekklesia participants are eligible to serve on a committee. Bear in mind, however, that there are far more participants than there are committee positions, so not all brothers will be placed and those placed may not be placed on their preferred committee.

Ekklesia registrants may indicate their committee preference (if any) on the Ekklesia registration form. Note that 172nd Ekklesia committees will meet in the weeks leading up to the business session on August 8. Committee descriptions and tentative meeting dates are listed for each Ekklesia committee below - when indicating your preference, please ensure your availability on those dates.

 Amendments of Laws

Evaluates all proposed amendments to the Fraternity’s Constitution and Bylaws, and submits such proposed amendments, accompanied by any changes or recommendations made by the Committee, to the Ekklesia.

Meeting date(s): July 21, August 1, August 5 (if needed) 


Responsible for the verification of the eligibility of delegates to the Ekklesia, based on financial records of the various chapters vis-à-vis the Fraternity, and any records of violations by chapters of Fraternity Law. The committee may censure chapters and/or refuse to certify the credentials of delegates from certain chapters for good reasons. 

Meeting date: August 6

 Finance & Budget

Develops the Fraternity’s fiscal year budgets for the ensuing biennium, in a manner consistent with the recommendation of the Archons and presents such budgets to the Ekklesia for ratification.

Meeting date(s): July 23


Evaluates the records of those nominated for the Archonate and recommends such nominees as it sees fit to the Ekklesia for the purpose of election.

Meeting date(s): July 22, July 26, August 3, August 4 (if needed)


Acknowledges any greeting to the Fraternity and also any noteworthy public or private service, especially that performed by brothers for benefit of the Fraternity, and  also makes known the will or wish of the Fraternity with regard to any event or person affecting the Fraternity or its interests.

Meeting date: July 27


Important Notice Regarding the 172nd Ekklesia & COVID-19

After careful consideration, and after evaluating several alternatives, the Archons recently voted to cancel the in-person 172nd Ekklesia in Phoenix, Arizona in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. In its place, the Fraternity will conduct the business of the Ekklesia virtually on August 8, 2020.

This difficult decision was not taken lightly and is based upon several factors:
  • The health and safety for our brothers, guests and all with whom we would interact
  • Our ability to host a meaningful in-person event this August given current and anticipated limitations and concerns
  • Continued uncertainty surrounding the pandemic, including anticipated guidance by local officials at that time and the ability for brothers to reasonably travel from across North America
  • The financial hardship and uncertainty experienced by our brothers, their families, our chapters and the Fraternity
  • Our ability to conduct the vital business of the Ekklesia – passing a budget, amending our laws and electing Archons – by alternative means

The Fraternity staff is finalizing plans for the virtual Ekklesia and will communicate additional details, including registration information, to brothers within the next few weeks. Additional details will also be added to this page as they are available.

We anticipate that the business of the Fraternity will continue in a similar fashion to an in-person Ekklesia in that:
  • Undergraduates will be expected to select three voting delegates to participate
  • Qualified graduate chapters are entitled to a voting delegate
  • Brothers will continue to serve on Ekklesia committees
  • Delegates will debate and vote on amendments to our laws, a budget for the biennium and brothers to serve as Archons

Unfortunately, we will not be able to replicate the full in-person event that many brothers look forward to every two years. We look forward to a return to normalcy soon and the opportunity to celebrate Phi Gamma Delta at future Ekklesiai.

172nd Ekklesia Frequently Asked Questions

 What if I already booked air travel and/or made hotel reservations?

Contact your air carrier to inquire about a refund or flight credit. The Fraternity provided guidance in March that it would not reimburse travel costs until a decision was made to continue the in-person Ekklesia. Hotel reservations booked through the Fraternity’s room block can be cancelled without penalty by contacting Sheraton reservations at 866-837-4213.

 Were chapters already billed for the Ekklesia? Will they be refunded? What will the cost be to attend the virtual Ekklesia?

The Fraternity had not been billed undergraduate chapters an Ekklesia registration fee. And delegates and participants will not be charged a registration fee for the virtual Ekklesia.

 Is a virtual Ekklesia permitted by our laws?

Yes. The laws of the Fraternity do not specify the method by which the Ekklesia must meet and provide the authority to the Archons to call a meeting of the Ekklesia.

 Is there precedent to cancel the Ekklesia?

The Ekklesia was twice cancelled during WWII, with no Ekklesiai taking place in 1942 or 1946. Fortunately, modern technology allows us to continue the business of the Fraternity without the same interruption.

 Are other fraternities and sororities altering their plans for summer conventions?

Most of our peers have cancelled or postponed their conventions in 2020, with many also hosting virtual business sessions and events.

 When will the virtual Ekklesia take place? How long will it last?

The business session will take place on Saturday, August 8. Full details will be available and announced in the coming weeks.

 Who can attend the virtual Ekklesia?

As with the in-person Ekklesia, any brother may attend the virtual business session. Undergraduate and graduate chapters will need to identify their voting delegates and have them register prior to the business session.

 Will Ekklesia committees still meet? What if I want to participate on an Ekklesia committee?

Most committees will meet virtually before the business session on August 8. Additional details will be provided regarding committee participation in the coming weeks with the opening of registration.

 How will a virtual Ekklesia work? How will we make motions, debate and vote?

The Fraternity staff is finalizing details regarding the platform for the business session. A prerequisite for any selected solution is the ability for voting delegates to make motions, debate and cast their vote.

 Will the Phoenix Ekklesia be rescheduled?

The Fraternity was able to negotiate with the Sheraton Phoenix to cancel the 2020 event and reschedule for our next available Ekklesia in 2026. Additional details about the 2026 Ekklesia will be made available in late 2024.

 What about other traditional Ekklesia events?

Unfortunately, we are not able to replicate the entire in-person Ekklesia experience. The virtual 172nd Ekklesia will be limited to the business session. We look forward to celebrating Phi Gamma Delta again in-person at future Ekklesiai.

 I have additional questions. Who should I contact?

Ekklesia-related questions should be directed to Todd Rotgers, Assistant Executive Director. 


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Contact Todd Rotgers, Assistant Executive Director, by email or (859) 255-1848.