Career Link

Have you ever wanted to talk with someone for advice about a potential career? Have you ever wondered exactly what this type of job might entail? Make a Fiji connection with Career Link.

The Career Link Program starts with graduate brothers who are willing to share their knowledge and expertise. These brothers sign up as Career Link Contacts and agree that other brothers may contact them for advice and information on potential careers.

Using the Career Link search below, brothers may search for Career Link contacts based on location, profession and/or industry.
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Please note the following guidelines regarding use of the Career Link system:  

  • Use of Career Link contacts' information is private and intended for personal use only.  
  • It is your responsibility as a user of this system to establish and maintain contact with Career Link Contacts.  
  • Any use of the information obtained in this system for direct or indirect soliciting, profit or mass emailing is strictly prohibited. 
  • Phi Gamma Delta reserves the right to restrict or deny access to this site for misuse.  
  • Review our Web Policy Statement for more information.