Terrell Couch (Grand Valley State 2017)

195th Field Secretary

Brother Couch received a Bachelor of Arts in political science with a minor in philosophy from Grand Valley State University, where he was a Founding Father of the Gamma Rho Chapter. Terrell served the Chapter as Philanthropy Chairman, Public Relation Chairman, Chartering Chairman and Chapter President. On campus, he had the privilege to serve on the Civil Discourse Advisory Board that works to understand the importance of dialogue even in a challenging climate like the one we are seeing today. Additionally, Terrell has also been able to grow within several student organization to develop a student-based, donor-advised fund for philanthropic good within the university—the Laker Children’s Fund. Terrell will be working as a Field Secretary for the 2018-19 academic year, visiting chapters in the Great Lakes Region to observe, counsel, and serve as a liaison between the chapters and the International Headquarters.

Terrell's Fun Facts

  • Hometown: Novi, MI
  • Previous Work Experience: Information reception for GVSU (2015-17)
  • Hobbies/Spare Time: Graphic design, exploring, political debates and Netflix
  • Favorite Food: Catfish
  • Favorite Movie: The Dark Knight Trilogy
  • Favorite TV Show: House of Cards and American Horror Story
  • Best Phi Gam Experience: The Chartering of the Gamma Rho Chapter on October 22, 2016