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The International Headquarters building is located at 1201 Red Mile Road, Lexington, KY. Brothers, pledges and family members are encouraged to visit the International Headquarters whenever visiting the area. The office is open Monday-Friday, from 8:30 am – 5:00 pm.

The office building houses approximately 30 staff members of the Fraternity and Educational Foundation, the Phi Gamma Delta museum and library and a three-bedroom, Field Secretary apartment.

Museum & Library

Phi Gamma Delta maintains a museum and library at its Headquarters in Lexington, Kentucky. The museum and library features:

  • Portrait of United States President Calvin Coolidge
  • Artifacts related to the Fraternity's founding in 1848
  • Historic badges
  • Pictures, books and artifacts from famous Fijis
  • Every edition of The Phi Gamma Delta magazine

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Staff Directory

International Headquarters Staff

Executive Director Bill Martin
Executive Director
& Editor

 Bill Martin

(Mississippi State 1975)

Bill is responsible for dealing with housing issues, Pig Dinner speakers from the International Fraternity, legal matters, liability insurance coverage, public relations, and interfraternal matters. He works closely with Section Chiefs and House Corporations. Bill is also the primary contact at Headquarters for any chapter emergencies that arise.

Key Officers: President

Contact: Phone: 859-255-1848 | Email

DOEd Rob Caudill
Executive Director 
- Designate

 Rob Caudill

(Akron 2004)

Rob is the staff member primarily responsible for providing support and developing
resources for our graduate volunteers, working most closely with Section Chiefs and
Purple Legionnaires. He oversees all graduate relations / involvement efforts and matters
regarding the Fraternity Headquarters operations and communications. Rob also manages and plans the Ekklesia and Fiji Academy.

Key Officers: President, Graduate Volunteers 

Contact: Phone: 859-255-1848 | Email

IHQ_Todd Rotgers
Sr. Director of

 Todd Rotgers

(Minnesota 2011)

Todd most directly works with the Fraternity's health & safety educational programming
and oversees the Fraternity’s support of undergraduate chapters. He also manages
alcohol free housing concerns and exemptions, as well as risk management education
and chapter discipline.

Key Officers: President, Cabinet, Scholarship Chairman, Social Chairman, Risk Manager 

Contact: Phone: 859-255-1848 | Email


Director of Chapter

 Alex Cruz

(Northern Arizona 2017)

Alex oversees the Fraternity’s Delta Colonies and manages their development. He designs and implements strategic initiatives, writes resources and manuals for colonies, and works with the Purple Legionnaires and Board of Colony Advisors.

Key Officers: All Colony Members

Contact: Phone: 859-255-1848 | Email


Director of Chapter

 Bryan Hartzell

(Western Kentucky 2014)

Bryan handles undergraduate affairs, such as reports, correspondence and transition of chapter officers. He supervises the Field Secretary program, maintains recruitment referrals, is responsible for scheduling Headquarters visits and initiation reservations. Additionally, he works closely with Purple Legionnaires and Board of Chapter Advisors.

Key Officers: Entire Cabinet

Contact: Phone: 859-255-1848 | Email


Director of 

 Erica Carlson

Erica is responsible for the production and design of The Phi Gamma Delta magazine and “The Friday Letter” monthly eNewsletter. She manages the Fraternity's website and social media accounts, and she develops new methods of communication and marketing for the Fraternity. She also directs IHQ’s Graduate Communication Services program.

Key Officers: Corresponding Secretary, Historian, House Corp President & Treasurer 

Contact: Phone: 859-255-1848 | Email


Director of

 Jake Lueck

(Kansas 2017)

Jake is charged with finding opportunities for the Fraternity to establish new or re-establish dormant chapters across North America. He also manages the expansion projects, and he ensures all our colonies are started with our high standards of membership and prepared to be successful long-term chapters.

Contact: Phone: 859-255-1848 | Email


Director of Finance & 
Information Systems

 Suzette Ball

Suzette is responsible for all payments from the Headquarters and assists in the development of the Fraternity’s budget and prepares financial reports. She is also responsible for the operation of our computer network.

Key Officers: Treasurer

Contact: Phone: 859-255-1848 | Email


Director of Graduate 

 Thomas Lovejoy

(Oregon State 2014)

Thomas is the staff member most directly supporting 1848 Properties, Inc., the Fraternity’s National Housing Corporation. In addition, he provides resources and support to our graduate volunteers and is the staff member who works most closely with Board of Chapter Advisor members and House Corporation members.

Key Officers: Section Chiefs, House Corporation members, BCA members

Contact: Phone: 859-255-1848 | Email


Director of

 Nicholas Hawley

(Kettering 2017)

Nick oversees recruitment training and assists chapters and colonies with recruitment plans. He is also responsible for managing the Fraternity’s Chapter Builder accounts, coordinating recruitment education at the Fiji Academy and organizing the annual Recruitment Workshop and staff recruitment visits. He handles all recruitment referrals and monthly recruitment updates.

Additionally, Nick works with the Director of Expansion on training and project management.

Key Officers: Recruitment Chairmen

Contact: Phone: 859-255-1848 | Email


Coordinator of 

 Paige Prylinski

Paige is primarily responsible for the Fraternity’s Graduate Communication Services program and social media accounts. She also assists with website design, design, event registrations and other print and digital communications.

Key Officers: President, Corresponding Secretary

Contact: Phone: 859-255-1848 | Email


Coordinator of 
Education Programs
& Online Learning

 Andrew Depew

(Kentucky 2010)

Andrew coordinates the logistics for the Fraternity’s health & safety programs, which include Alcohol Skills Training Program, Social Strengths Workshop and GreekLifeEdu. He also provides administrative support for the Fraternity’s Learning Management Software.

Key Officers: President, Pledge Educator

Contact: Phone: 859-255-1848 | Email


Membership & 
Financial Records

 Amy Watson

Amy handles the processing of all pledge and initiation forms and fees, and maintains the accuracy of our membership records.  She also ensures that these brothers receive their membership items in a timely manner. Additionally she handles all chapter billing and accounts as well as undergraduate payment plans.

Key Officers: President, Treasurer, Corresponding Secretary, Recording Secretary

Contact: Phone: 859-255-1848 | Email



 Taren Robin

Taren communicates with the Archons, general officers, Financial Advisory Board members and Section Chiefs, in addition to handling clerical duties for directors and other fraternity staff. She updates address changes, Chapter Officers and academic grades, and maintains the Minimum Standards statistics. In addition to her administrative duties, she prepares Fiji Sire & Son certificates and Silver, Gold and Diamond Owl certificates upon request. She also posts Pig Dinner information on the Phi Gam website.

Key Officers: Corresponding Secretary

Contact: Phone: 859-255-1848 | Email



 Kitty Brown

Kitty is the voice of Phi Gamma Delta, welcoming all visitors and handling all phone calls to the Headquarters. She also processes mail and all outgoing packages and produces membership certificates.

Key Officers: Treasurer, Corresponding Secretary, Recording Secretary

Contact: 859-255-1848 | Email


Field Secretaries

193rd Field Secretary

 Daylon Weddle

(DePauw 2017)

During the 2018-19 academic year, Daylon will be visiting chapters in the Mid-Atlantic Region to observe, counsel and serve as a liaison between the chapters and the International Headquarters.

Key Officers: Entire Cabinet

Contact: Email

Learn more about Daylon.


194th Field Secretary

 Ian Campbell

(Vermont 2017)

During the 2018-19 academic year, Ian will be visiting chapters in the West Region to observe, counsel and serve as a liaison between the chapters and the International Headquarters.

Key Officers: Entire Cabinet

Contact: Email

Learn more about Ian.


195th Field Secretary

 Terrell Couch

(Grand Valley 2017)

During the 2018-19 academic year, Terrell will be visiting chapters in the Great Lakes Region to observe, counsel and serve as a liaison between the chapters and the International Headquarters.

Key Officers: Entire Cabinet

Contact: Email

Learn more about Terrell.


197th Field Secretary

 Dio Protopapadakis

(Appalachian State 2017)

During the 2018-19 academic year, Dio will be visiting chapters in the Southeast Region to observe, counsel and serve as a liaison between the chapters and the International Headquarters.

Key Officers: Entire Cabinet

Contact: Email

Learn more about Dio.


199th Field Secretary

 John Saylor

(North Carolina Wilmington 2017)

During the 2018-19 academic year, John will be visiting chapters in the Northeast Region to observe, counsel and serve as a liaison between the chapters and the International Headquarters.

Key Officers: Entire Cabinet

Contact: Email

Learn more about John.


200th Field Secretary

 Alexander Kronk

(Iowa 2018)

During the 2018-19 academic year, Alex will be visiting chapters in the Southwest Region to observe, counsel and serve as a liaison between the chapters and the International Headquarters.

Key Officers: Entire Cabinet

Contact: Email

Learn more about Alex.


201st Field Secretary

 Cody Price

(Grand Valley State 2018)

During the 2018-19 academic year, Cody will be working with our newest chapters and colonies in the Development East Region.

Key Officers: Entire Cabinet

Contact: Email

Learn more about Cody.


202nd Field Secretary

 Hunter Wish

(Washington State 2018)

During the 2018-19 academic year, Hunter will be visiting chapters in the Great Plains Region to observe, counsel and serve as a liaison between the chapters and the International Headquarters.

Key Officers: Entire Cabinet

Contact: Email

Learn more about Hunter.



Educational Foundation Staff

Foundation Executive Director Ben Robinson
Executive Director

 Ben Robinson

(Hampden-Sydney 1986)

Ben is the Executive Director of the Phi Gamma Delta Educational Foundation and The Phi Gamma Delta Foundation of Canada. Ben’s responsibilities include the day-to-day management of both foundations, directing all fundraising and development, and traveling to visit with brothers.

Contact: 859-255-1848 | Email

Will Shier
Chief Financial Officer

 Will Shier

(DePauw 1988)

Will oversees all financial operations of the International Headquarters and Phi Gamma Delta Educational Foundation. He also directs the accounting staff in their preparation of the Fraternity's budget and monthly financial reports. He processes all AAA Scholarship applications, in addition to restricted and chapter payments.

Additionally, Will serves as the Chief Operations Officer of the Foundation.

Key Officers: Treasurer

Contact: 859-255-1848 | Email


Director of Development
& Stewardship

 Duke Murphy

(Coastal Carolina 2011)

Duke is responsible for promoting the Foundation's story and donor engagement through social media and outreach. He assists with the donor process, records gifts and manages donor information. He also supports the Executive Director with managing the chapter scholarship funds (restricted).

Contact: 859-255-1848 | Email


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Staff Openings

Director of Graduate Engagement

Phi Gamma Delta is seeking a full-time Director of Graduate Engagement. The Director of Graduate Engagement oversees the Fraternity’s graduate engagement, relations and recognition efforts, administers its annual Graduate Dues program and provides assistance to its graduate volunteer training efforts.


  • Bachelor’s degree required with a minimum of one year of relevant professional work experience
  • Membership in Phi Gamma Delta preferred; fraternity/sorority membership and basic knowledge of Greek life required
  • Experience with alumni relations and/or fundraising preferred
  • Must be a self-starter; highly organized and detail-oriented
  • Computer literacy and proficiency with Microsoft Office software suite. Ability to learn the Fraternity’s database software (Raiser’s Edge)
  • Ability to travel as needed to perform job duties
  • Ability to work a flexible schedule for events scheduled on evenings and weekends
  • Comfortable interacting in a positive, professional manner with diverse team members at levels of the organization including Board Members, staff, donors and volunteers; must be team oriented and collaborative

 Key Responsibilities

Graduate Engagement
Lead the Fraternity’s graduate engagement efforts to help graduates remain connected to the Fraternity including: 

  • Graduate Chapters – develop and support geographically-based graduate chapters with a goal of having 100 active graduate chapters by 2030. 
  • Young Graduates – develop and execute a plan to engage young graduates (those within 10 years of graduation) by demonstrating value in continued Fraternity involvement.
  • Graduate Reunions – promote chapter-based reunions and support graduate brothers who are planning graduate reunions. 
  • Career Resources - coordinate career resources for graduate brothers and graduating seniors.

Graduate Dues
Oversee the Fraternity’s annual Graduate Dues program, coordinate administrative support with the CFO and provide annual analysis on impact. 

Graduate Relations
Oversee the Fraternity’s graduate relations efforts, including:

  • Supporting and providing resources to undergraduate chapter efforts. 
  • Providing assistance, resources and guidance to chapters in conducting Pig dinners to maximize graduate attendance and to optimize the experience of graduate brothers.
  • Planning and oversight of the Fraternity’s Graduate Communications Services Program (primary responsibility lies with the Director of Communications and Coordinator of Communications).

Graduate Recognition
Oversee all graduate recognition efforts including administration of the Distinguished Fiji Award, Distinguished Fiji Service Award, Certificates of Appreciation, Silver/Gold/Diamond Owl awards and awards to recognize graduate volunteers.

Graduate Volunteer Training
Provide support to the Director of Graduate Involvement and the Fraternity’s graduate volunteer training efforts for Section Chiefs, Purple Legionnaire, Boards of Chapter Advisors and House Corporations incorporating online learning (LMS / certification), in-person training, written materials and communications.

 To Apply

Please submit a cover letter and resume to Rob Caudill at by March 31, 2019.

Click on the link below to see a full, detailed job description:

Director of Graduate Engagement Job Description


Field Secretary Program

The Field Secretary program was created by the 64th Ekklesia in 1912 to provide a yearly assessment of chapters, as well as a resource and conduit by which to share ideas. Phi Gamma Delta's Field Secretaries serve as consultants to the undergraduate chapters, the Purple Legionnaires, and Boards of Chapter Advisors. They make a multiple-day visit to each chapter at minimum once a year to advise on all phases of chapter operations; to present programs on leadership, alcohol education, and academic improvement; to meet with college/university staff, and to work together with involved graduate brothers.

The ideal Field Secretary is a man who is confident and selfless. He is professional, thoughtful, persistent, and dedicated. He has high expectations for himself and of his brothers. He has been steadfast as an impactful leader, insistent on pursuing excellence during his time as an undergraduate, and is passionate about the Fraternity. Above all, he sets an example by exhibiting our core values, and challenges himself and others to continually do so.

 Selection Process

The Fraternity is looking year-round for new men who match the above description to accept a two-year appointment as a Field Secretary. If you have a deep seated love of the Fraternity, a willingness to travel, an outgoing personality, and a desire to further improve Phi Gamma Delta, apply to become a Field Secretary and help brothers maximize their fraternal experience.

Being a chapter president or a chapter officer is not a requirement; all leadership experience is desirable. Applications, available below, are reviewed by the Directors on staff and qualified applicants travel to Lexington for a comprehensive interview at Headquarters. Brothers should submit applications by November 1 for fall interviews, and December 31 for spring interviews (not guaranteed, conducted on an as needed basis), with employment to begin the 1st of the following June.


New Field Secretaries typically arrive in Lexington this first weekend in June to begin three months of summer training. This intensive education period is highlighted by leadership training, practice in and development of professional skills such as public speaking, comprehensive coverage of all chapter/colony concerns, and preparation for life on the road.


The single most important expectation of a Field Secretary is a commitment to the values and beliefs of Phi Gamma Delta. Field Secretaries must challenge the process when actions are inconsistent with values. They are positive role models who inspire a shared vision of what the fraternal experience is all about. A Field Secretary also encourages the heart, helping brothers to understand the true meaning of fraternity and the genius of Phi Gamma Delta.

In return, a brother who dedicates two years of service to the Fraternity will gain countless skills which will be invaluable in his future career. Field Secretaries often affirm that the challenges they met on the road were the best preparation they received for day-to-day practice in the workplace. Finally, he can expect two of the most fun and exciting years of his life. He will travel over half of North America and have opportunities others only dream of experiencing.

 Application Process

If you are a graduating senior and interested in serving the Fraternity as a Field Secretary, simply download the Field Secretary application and send it to Bryan Hartzell, Director of Chapter Services, at International Headquarters. If you have any questions, please email Bryan or call him at (859) 255-1848. Please email your completed applications to Bryan, or alternatively send your hard copy application to:

Phi Gamma Delta Headquarters

1201 Red Mile Rd.
Lexington, KY 40504


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